Thanksgiving Break

Clearly November got away from me too. I *just* posted my November plans post and here I am with this. It happens. We stuck with the plans we set in the last post I shared. And we've made it to Thanksgiving week. In my annual plan I knew this would be a week off from … Continue reading Thanksgiving Break


November Plannings

October was a slower month than I would've preferred. But, I maintain the conviction that it's little moments each day that will add up to all the goodness, truth and beautiful things they need to know and remember in life. Which, was why I named my homeschool page Little Moments Homeschool. Coming in November we're … Continue reading November Plannings

Our Annual Plan for 2018-2019

I love the concept of Charlotte Mason, but, I also love Read Aloud Family, so I've basically found my style by combining them. Yes, my kiddo liked the Diary of A Wimpy kids books. He tore through those and read them so quickly (not my favorite or first choice). But, we compromised an alternated. Rotate … Continue reading Our Annual Plan for 2018-2019