About Me

I’m Alli!

Christian wife. Homeschool momma. Book girl. Lover of tea, coffee, food and fitness. Calligrapher and Modern lettered. Archer. Introvert. INFJ/INTJ. Ravelclaw.

These are some of the terms I use to describe myself. I’m sure I could think of plenty more, but I feel like this covers it. You’ll notice I don’t consider myself a writer. I always joke that as a letterer, I write OTHER people’s words. Not my own. I’m typically not great at verbalizing things. Throw in some super fun social awkwardness and an amazing ability to put my foot in my mouth (and when I intend to say something to compliment someone too haha…). Ooh, and my resting face makes me look like I’m thinking the worst things! I’m not. My facial expressions never really have anything to do with what I’m really thinking….

I use run on sentences and my “ooh something shiny” ways make it so that you see a lot of side notes in parentheses. (You. Are. Welcome.). But, I love homeschooling. I’ve done it 8 years or so by this point and this year I’ve finally set aside my box checking ways (as much as I’m physically capable of… let’s not get crazy) and my pre set boxed curriculum (that I probably will go back to for high school… it made me braver) and set out on my own. Did you make it through that sentence? Basically, this year, I ventured out on my own.

I loved my boxed My Father’s World curriculum. You won’t hear me say many negatives about it. Fantastic company. Highly recommend. But, I felt like this was the year I needed to make my own. There were so many children’s literature books I felt so needed to cover as a serious book nerd and I didn’t have time. And we reached the point in the timeline where we were at American History. Truth be told, homeschooling has taught me that I’m a history nerd too. I had no idea. I love it. Especially American History. I want my children to fully understand what it means to be American, a knowledge and understanding of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I want them to know what our country’s founders intended, why they chose the words they did. As country we have our mistakes we need to learn from, but there’s amazing liberty and freedom and people behind that too.

So, this is my attempt to journal how we live our life. My lifestyle of a homeschooler. Recipes we use. Workouts we do. Poetry and books we read. Art projects. Character training. I’d love to help every person realize that they can do this too, if they want to. And if you don’t, well, there’s still food, books, Bibles and lettering, among likely so many other things I’ll immerse myself in because I become interested. And so do my kids. So, welcome y’all! (I say So and Y’all kind of a lot… you’ll get used to it). 🤷🏼‍♀️

Archer. This was my first time shooting my bow.
My love. Almost 15 years together!