November Plannings

October was a slower month than I would’ve preferred. But, I maintain the conviction that it’s little moments each day that will add up to all the goodness, truth and beautiful things they need to know and remember in life. Which, was why I named my homeschool page Little Moments Homeschool.

Coming in November we’re going to change our Morning Time Plans. Same concepts, new material. We switch things up most months, just depends on how long we need for each thing we do. Perk to homeschooling, I don’t move on until they know it (or on occasion, we’re all sick of it lol).

In November, we’re continuing our journalling with our gratitude lists. For our hymns and worship time we’re adding Blessed Assurance and Great Is Thy Faithfulness. We’ll continue rotating through the ones we learned in October, but not all of them daily.

We are reading through the book of Hebrews, a chapter per school day.

As for poetry, I hope to get us memorizing Listen to the Mustn’ts by She’ll Silverstein. We’re also going to have focused reading from the Poetry for Young People Emily Dickinson.

Our read aloud time for the month fell short-although they were still reading it was nothing like September. But, quality over quantity. Hoping to try again with Lord of the Rings since this past month it got away from me. As part of our American History focus in the coming term, I have a few Thanksgiving lessons and some books we’ll be reading aloud that go with that theme. Books like Squanto, The Courage of Sarah Noble, Samuel Eaton/Sarah Morton’s Day among a few others. (We already read Rush Revere’s books, but if you’re looking for ideas- they were so good!)

We move on from Bach to Mozart for our classical music study. And As You Like It for our Shakespeare reading.

After morning time we’ll also have regular math lessons, flashcards. Poetry tea time, language lessons and State and President studies. And continued daily lessons from their Manners for the Family book.

Here’s a look at a general outline for our week and how it looks to do it this way. I hope to include the art studies I have listed on the morning time sheet, but I also want to make enough time for our Bird study, Lord of the Rings and taking care of a few loose ends from October.


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