Where Did October Go?

October made some good memories. Kids are still learning to cook all the things. We finished the Tom Brown Nature Study book I’ve previously mentioned, and some wilderness survival quiz cards. We read through Romans together and learned more Hymns. There was a lot of Robert Frost poetry and we learned about him and his life. We listened to a lot of Bach. And of course, the less exciting parts… Math and flashcards, writing lessons and such.

There were hunting trips and processing meat. Trips to Barnes and Noble that led the kids to (more) new favorite books (Tom Sawyer and The Secret Garden).

Barnes and Noble Classics. A few of these are Christmas presents for them!

We had a good time. We took last week off for hunting season and some time for me to plan and get a little work done for items in my Etsy shop. I’m still working on new things for Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s hard for me when everything in me says Christmas isn’t for October! Haha.

Nut regardless, we’re almost to November and the holiday season now! Can you believe it? What plans do you have?

Be looking out for our November plans, I’ll be making that post soon!


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