Our Annual Plan for 2018-2019

I love the concept of Charlotte Mason, but, I also love Read Aloud Family, so I’ve basically found my style by combining them. Yes, my kiddo liked the Diary of A Wimpy kids books. He tore through those and read them so quickly (not my favorite or first choice). But, we compromised an alternated. Rotate through maybe a Quality Read Aloud, then a book he chose, then maybe a science book, then some poetry, then another of his choice, then a biography. Or, if he got the work I had set, he could read it on his own time. Just depended on how things were going.

Favorite Mama Reads:

Mere Motherhood

For the Children’s Sake

Read Aloud Family

Teaching From Rest

Life Giving Parent, Life Giving Home

…. this list could maybe go on forever. I’ll stop here for now and add a page to the blog with an ever growing list.

Favorites for Family (we love Audible… still counts, and our kids love falling asleep to their favorite stories)

Check out Honey for a Child’s Heart for a book of great book lists. And I’ll add a page for an ever growing list for kids to read too!

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

Alice’s Adeventures In Wonderland

Anne of Green Gables

Narnia books

The Green Ember Series

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory


Little House on the Prairie Series

Rush Revere Series

What we’re using right now…

Spelling: Spelling Power

We changed a little bit of the process for how we like to do things, but this has been a great resource. Sometimes, after they’re not around, I go through their written lessons to see what was misspelled and I add those words. It’s taken me a lot so that they wanted to write and I don’t want to kill that by nitpicking their spelling, that’s why I wait til later.

Language Arts: Language lessons for today from My Father’s World for my youngest. My oldest completed through 4th or 5th grade and then I let him move on. He’s reading through a book called Writer’s Express a friend gave me. I just want him to read through the how tos and why’s to keep them in the back of his mind. After this is done, we’re moving on to Story Starters. My youngest will also want to participate because she loves writing.

Math: Teaching Textbooks for our oldest and Singapore Primary Math for my youngest.

I’m new to teaching textbooks, but I’ve used Primary math almost the whole time we’ve homeschooled. I need to check, but I’m having a hard time figuring out where and how to help him, what he’s behind on, because it’s on the tablet rather than a book. I think he wants to switch back, because once it’s completed it looks as though you can’t go back through. However, I know their customer service are fantastic and I believe they have tutors to ask questions. So, probably just something I need to ask about, and then I’ll love it.

Science: Tom Brown’s Field Guide Nature and Survival for Children

I got this on Rainbow resource, my favorite place to buy books. We used it as a read aloud and we enjoyed it. It has some fun games or workshops you can try, but it’s mostly reading the experience he’s had and explaining the hows of Tracking, finding and appreciating nature, and part 2 is survival training.

Anything Charlotte Mason tells you nature studies are important. So, after the Tom Brown book, we have plans to study birds. I’m looking into Anna Comstock’s Handbook to Nature Study to help guide me through, but I haven’t purchased it yet. I did however get Nature Anatomy and some field guides for Birds. I intend to go on some Nature walks, use our nature journal for art to draw our what we see, and probably use the field guides and nature anatomy for art work to use as a guide. I got a free bird app and it shows what the birds call sounds like too. Maybe find some feathers and look at them under the microscope, make a few child led crafts. They’re creative so I don’t have to jump in too much there. Some days we’ll use watercolor or acrylic paint. Craft feathers, colored pencils or sharpies. On exciting days, we can pull out some glitter glue haha.

After Birds we have plans for gemstones and rocks. That may round out the year, we just see how it goes.


So, if you read the last post, you’ll recall I haven’t been including much of this and I’ve focused on Literature and Read Alouds. That was one of my main hopes for homeschooling, I love books, and I hoped they would too. I finally set my boxed curriculum to the side and made my own. First, focusing on read alouds. Then on History.

This year, starting in January I have an all out plan for American History focusing on the Revolutionary War, Constitution and that general time period and the people in it. We do have a study on Pilgrims,The First Thanksgiving, Jamestown… etc for November. December we break for Advent and Christmas crafts and read alouds.

Before we start in January, I will have them reread Geography from A to Z and Maps and Globes (both are picture Books).

I’ll share book lists and activities and the like as we go. I’m so excited, especially since, I’ll get to be learning too.

We’ve covered Countries and Cultures, ancient time periods, medieval time periods. Rome, Egypt, Pyramids, biblical feasts, knights, castles, Samurai, explorers, forts, Vikings, so many fun topics. Homeschooling helped me realize, I’m actually a huge history nerd and I’m so excited to study this with them!


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