Morning Time Our Way

Recently, I read Pam Barnhill’s Better Together. It was exactly what I had been hoping to find. It was an easy read, gave some resources, and it got me started on our morning time. Then I read Mere Motherhood and Handbook to Morning Time by Cindy Rollins and it concreted everything and I was so excited to start. Mere Motherhood was one of those that as soon as I put it down I was ready to read again. I loved it, but I enjoyed all of them haha.

Morning Time comes first for the day. I’m trying to fit in all the truth and beauty and goodness I can, but in small amounts so it sticks and they love it. All of those things I think are important but don’t know how to fit them in – I do them here in this part of my day.

I can be a little OCD, so I have to have a plan. I know when I’m planning, things may change. But, I’ve done this long enough to know my habits. For instance, in December I love doing our advent and listening to Christmas Carols… In November I know I’ll add Thanksgiving lessons and thankful crafts and so on. Keeping that in mind for myself, here’s how I made my plan using some planning sheets I made.

Yep, the post it people must LOVE me.

A few notes A.O. : Ambleside Online. I can tell you now it’s likely Redwall and Wonder won’t happen yet and I realized Penderwicks was scheduled in February and it fits better there. It happens! It’s a plan, not set it stone.
I wanted to spend a lot of time on Lord of The Rings- they’re not short, quick reads. As for poetry, I picked up some of the Poetry for Young People books from Rainbow Resource and Robert Frost felt perfect for these Autumn days!

As for how this works in reality….

I write it out on another planning sheet I made so I can focus on where we are and not where we’re may be. I’m a dreamer. I need focus haha. This just takes me a few minutes each month since I have my main plan. Then each day I have a weekly sheet that I take a couple minutes each day to write a few notes on what actually happened.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the handwriting of a calligrapher hahaha! Further proof you don’t need nice handwriting to letter.

And, a day by day breakdown of a general day…

We start with a Spotify playlist I created with review songs of the Old Testament and New Testament that we have already memorized. Then we move on to the Hymns we’re memorizing and review ones we know. We do memory work for our Bible verses and other pieces I’ve chosen. Bible reading. Including the Proverb that matches the date.

Afterwards, we do our composer study or artist study. We cover Shakespeare here, poetry, read aloud time, character training and nature study. I don’t get to all of those everyday, but we do what we can that day knowing that these little 5 minutes or so on each topic will add up…. it’s supposed to stay light and fun. They have handicrafts to work on or draw to keep their hands busy and moving while we listen. If I have something come up or if it becomes a hard day, we’ve already accomplished a lot. Before, I was frustrated with myself wondering how everyone was fitting so many fun things in and why we couldn’t get passed just math and language lessons. I feel like by finding this I’ve gained so much. This is what we were missing.

Narration is becoming an important part. I read Know and Tell: The Art of Narration by Karen Glass last month. It helped me understand a little better of what I should expect and hope for. Narration has helped their processing skills, their verbal skills and even writing. I know why Charlotte Mason recommends it!

These sheets have been great for record keeping! My state doesn’t require it, but I’m a box checker and I love looking back at what we’ve accomplished. By keeping a monthly chart with what I plan to focus on during each topic, a sheet where I write a quick journaling or list for what we did each day etc, it’s been so helpful for me and it’s only takes a few minutes.

Lately, we’ve added some journaling and list making to morning time and occasionally I felt like having us do our science as a read aloud together. Nature study is a wonderful edition to morning time.

I hope this helps you and makes sense to you. Let me know if you have any questions. What topics would you cover in your morning time? What things have you been wanting to add to your homeschool day and just felt like you couldn’t fit in?


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